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  • Butterfly Twists - For When Your Heels Turn Killer...


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    Olivia Navy Quilted Fold Up Memory Foam Flats 'Olivia' Navy Quilted Fold Up Memory Foam Flats

    We've all been there - big event, meticulously planned outfit, matching accessories, coordinated with friends for weeks in advance, having the time of our lives until... the heels turn killer. The balls of your feet ache & burn, your toes chafe, heels have blistered, before you know it you're traipsing around town in your stocking feet or worse, in a taxi home.

    While many shoe designers are beginning to wake up to the fact that we ladies are no longer willing to compromise on style or comfort, one brand has already realised we want both. Butterfly Twists have come up with a brilliant alternative, that allows you to wear your party shoes as normal, then change into their marvellously convenient, comfortable & chic flats!

    'Olivia' Navy Fold Up Flats. 'Olivia' Navy Fold Up Flats.

    You needn't worry about having to carry a massive bag to accommodate your extra shoes either, as these clever little ballet pumps are foldable! Their patented featherweight, flexible sole allows the heel to be neatly tucked into the toe, taking up next to no room in your bag. Supplied with free cotton carry bag, in a compact gift box, making a perfect present for any shoe lover! I promised convenience, check! Next I promised comfort... Each pair of Butterfly Twists have a thick layer of inbuilt memory foam which feels like walking on air, making sore feet a thing of the past! Being so lightweight & flexible, these are also gaining popularity for work wear & travelling, as well as socialising.


    The inspiration for Butterfly Twists makes for an entertaining story, with an unlikely start in fashion life. In 2007, two brothers & their two best friends made a bet that saw the unluckiest of them attending a party in a pair of six inch statement stilettos. What started as a joke, however, gave them the idea that would change their lives. A new found solidarity with the women enduring evenings out in towering heels started a conversation about footwear that might deliver a little glamour, without ruining a good night out.

    While the loser of the bet (who remains anonymous) had no desire to reacquaint himself with the practise of wearing women's shoes, he & the boys decided to do their bit for women's feet by launching a new line of flats that combined a little "fabulousness" with a freedom of movement & consideration for comfort & versatility. They didn't have any experience in fashion, or footwear, but one good idea & four enthusiastic workers decided they didn't have anything to lose either. The boys don't wear women's shoes anymore, but if they did, they would make a pair of Butterfly Twists their first choice.

    The range of styles is extensive & this season Solely Tempted by Brooks have 6 fantastic options to choose from! Browse & buy online or visit us in store to experience the comfort for yourself!


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